The Radhuni Social Media

Done in: 06.2019 – Present / Customer: The Radhuni / Task: Social Media

What the client needed

The Radhuni is a British Curry Awards winning Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland. The business, part of a chain of restaurants operated by the same family group, The Radhuni is very active on social media. The management require a rapidly-evolving social media presence to reflect the cutting-edge nature of the company’s contemporary dining areas and award-winning cuisine.

Smujy’s part of the project

Smujy took over the management and production of the restaurant’s social media and began posting daily. This includes promotions, events, awards news, website updates and creation of imagery.

Maintaining a highly active presence across a multitude of social media channels, communicating with individuals and influencers and producing engaging visuals, Smujy ensures The Radhuni is highly present within the digital ecosphere of the local area.