Done in: 07.2017 / Customer: Fashion. Inc / Task: Web Design & Development, Corporate Identity

What the client needed

CloudStart Training is a forward-looking FinTech training company based in the UK. An identity and web presence was required. With a fairly open brief, in terms of what materials, both digital and in print, were required Smujy was commissioned to produce concepts which my, in turn be taken forward.

Smujy’s part of the project

Smujy was asked to create a wide range of materials focussed around training individuals and teams to use the latest financial technology software. Consequently a high-tech, cutting-edge visual style was sought.

As a rapidly expanding business sector FinTech can often crop upon unexpected places such as pop-up training venues, cafes and business premises (including within the offices of large corporations). Therefore a ‘street’ style with newsworthy, bold fonts was able to be combined with more traditional advertising methods and a consistent look applied to the digital media.