Beaverhall Apartments

Done in: 04.2018 / Customer: Beaverhall Apartments / Task: Various Print and Digital

What the client needed

Beaverhall Apartments is a contemporary short stay apartments business in Edinburgh, Scotland. Focussed on offering stylish living spaces, catering to pleasure and business travellers, the company blends a personal, homely touch with high-specification, self catering flats.

Reflecting the modern, chic decor the design for print and online had to communicate the minimalistic tone of the build, whilst being engaging and interesting. Furthermore, it was important that the designs conveyed a sense of culture due to the apartments location within the centre of Edinburgh, itself an iconic arts centre.

Smujy’s part of the project

Beginning with the aforementioned principles Smujy was tasked with creating a visual identity containing these important concepts throughout the company’s branding both in digital applications and printed materials.

Initially a style guide was created along with the logo which was then applied to a plethora of print materials and online.