About Smujy

Welcome to Smujy Image Factory. This is a place for all things imagy. You can buy art and design-type stuff here, hang out and potentially conscript Smujy to perform some daring design mission for you. You could even get quite crazy art ideas turned into (Smujy's version of) reality here or get a funky new logo for your latest empire. Smujy is basically a place where passion for beautiful imagery knows no bounds. That's enough chatting you up for now.

Russell (Smujy founder)


"Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?" asked Andy Warhol. Everyone says a picture tells a thousand words [sic]. My dream here at Smujy is to tell stories with pictures and words. If you're interested you can find out more about me here.


Graphic Design

Say it elegantly with professional graphic design.

Google Mastery

Google first and foremost likes useful content. Create yours.


Look your best online with a simple, well-made website.

Unique Content

Instead of re-hashing existing content produce your own.

Digital Marketing

Engage your target audience with a planned online presence.

Ongoing Delivery

Always serve up exciting new content. Do it the Smujy way.

Graphic Design

Say it elegantly with professional graphic design.

Web Design

Say it elegantly with professional website design.