Here's how Smujy helps you earn online

Web designers rarely call themselves 'artists'. But Smujy does. Why does it matter? The average website is usually over-complicated, dilluting the message. This leads to lost sales, wasted effort and headaches. Smujy solves this problem by understanding and utilising aesthetic design principles while also knowing the art of search optimisation. Eureka – websites that show up and show off – the ideal combination.



Good looks count online. After all the visuals are what people actually see on your website.



Your site has to be found. This is all about giving Google great pages to index.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything you do in monochrome?

No, it's a guiding principle. The saying 'less is more' has never been so meaningful as when it is applied to websites. Visitors must find what they are looking for immediately.

Why is colour (or lack of colour) so important?

When a colour is introduced in an extremely limited manner, such as when an orange 'Call to Action' button is placed on an all-grey page (see below) it, quite simply  jumps out.

Couldn't I do this myself?

Definitely. However Smujy's team are design graduates who are experts in creativity, optimisation, consistant application of brand principles, metrics and A/B testing (which is standard).

Why do you also work in other art forms?

Although extremely passionate about websites, Smujy is a commercial art & design factory. Working in other mediums also helps inform and support Smujy's design approach.

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The Shop

The Smujy shop is currently being built. The shop will sell stock imagery and footage, apparel, art pieces and design gigs.

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