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Please note that several of the Smujy Büros are currently still in development. You can click the cards above to get an idea of each Smujy büro or buy/commission from the büros that are already active.

Richard Munro

Richard Munro

Thanks Russell for advising me about my new airbnb application, taking photos of the room and also editing my performance poetry photos for Tumblr. Smujy Associates are a great little company to assist with all things web.

Helen and Brenton

Helen and Brenton "Crutch Is Life" Crutching Service

As a particularly fussy client with clear ideas on what we wanted to achieve, we were very much aware that Russell and the Smujy team would most certainly have their work cut out for them! With multiple tiny changes made over a number of weeks we were super impressed by the professionalism, encouragement, and level of patience displayed by the entire Smujy team. We have come away as ecstatic clients with a faultless design that has exceeded even our very high expectations!

Linda Gowans

Linda Gowans

We were building a website - The Fish Express- using Wix with some success, but I was particularly anxious that the website was totally secure for customers. We advertised for a website developer to help and received a number of replies. As I am not terribly internet savvy, I was keen to meet the person I was going to work with. A few promised to meet but that did materialise and then they wished to work remotely. Thank goodness for Russell! He was happy to meet with us on more than one occasion and listen to our requirements.