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Chinese Political Poster Image

Chinese Political Poster

Although it’s hard to ascertain the exact meaning / translation of this Chinese political poster which which was picked up in a Kuala Lumpur market en-route to Australia it is fairly safe to assume it is some sort of positive message about Chinese politics / policies. Continue reading


Origami Dinosaurs

We are enjoying these amazing origami dinosaurs constructed in an unbelievably quick time by our new Japanese student Mami. We were blown away by how quickly something so intricate could be made. Also see the origami cranes she made for two-year old Ruben.

Origami Dinosaur


Origami Cranes

We are enjoying these amazing origami cranes made in an unbelievably quick time by our new Japanese student Mami. Also see the origami dinosaurs she made for two-year old Ruben.


Minimalist Food Presentation

Although we’re not a food blog we love the look of this minimalist food presentation by Andrew Dean, Edinburgh food critic and chef. The dish – titled ‘Itsu’ leaves us in no denial that the lines between art and food have been well and truly blurred, yet both the visual appeal and the food itself come out equally mouth watering.

Hopefully we will be showing more of his creations shortly.

upbeat artist image

Can a Downbeat Artist Be an Upbeat Blogger?

[dropcap1]N[/dropcap1]o one wants to read someone’s moaning rant’ read the thoughtful article about how to engage with your potential blog audience. Fair enough I suppose. I don’t like the scary man in the coffee queue as much as the next man. You know the one I mean. The one swearing and talking to himself. I’d rather get my coffee with a fake smile, if necessary, and go. Continue reading

Applying alginate to the face

Alginate Lifecasting

Alginate Face Lifecasting Session with Catriona – Using Plaster Bandages and Alginate to Cast Face for Building Plaster Plug to be Used for Fibreglass Sculpture.


Under Seasoned Movie Poster

Here is the finished design for Thief of Brisco’s latest film ‘Under Seasoned’ which will be used as a promotional poster and graphics for the DVD cover. The film is a dark fantasy feature with horror elements and social commentary. The poster evokes the sombre and intimidating mood captured by film makers Andrew Dean and Craig Henderson and features stills of each of the three cast members. Continue reading


10 Easy Web Layout Tips for Bloggers

1. Keep It Simple

Beyond 400-600 words, heading tags, a Call To Action or two and a list of recent posts a blog or news website doesn’t require any extra content. From an SEO perspective any extra images, videos or Flash may actually have you penalised. Continue reading


Quick Web Pages

A great deal of websites come a cropper when everything important has been considered and the website built but when the pages do not load fast enough into people’s browsers. Many people wrongy assume that the arrival of broadband has in itself ironed out this issue when they see video stream in seconds from news websites or on YouTube. How can a small image or an untidy section of code affect a web page’s impact so sereverley given such speeds. Continue reading

Peter Goers ABC Radio Interview with Smujy’s Founder Russell Steedman

Peter Goers Radio ShowUsing his visual art ‘exhibiting’ name Russ Trotter, Russell was invited on to the Peter Goers Evening Show on the ABC network’s popular radio programme. Asked to discuss his ideas and attitude about charging for visual art and design on the strength of his recent SALA (South Australian Living Artist’s Festival) show from August 2011, Russell had a great time with Peter going through his past career and recent activity in Australia since he moved from the UK in 2008. Continue reading